Hello! Hope you and your families have been well and have been safe during this pandemic season. Hope you’ve found some new hobbies and projects to keep you busy and sane! Here is what the staff have been up to during their time at home:

During Covid self-isolation, Shannon has been running around on the farm and has participated in two car parades for Jackie’s son, Kitson!

Tania made picnic tables for chipmunks and squirrels, revamped her biggest painting (6’x3’), and finished her online course: Postpartum and Pregnancy Corrective Exercise Specialist!

Brody and his wife have been doing a lot of cooking. They purchased a Hello Fresh subscription and now make 3 new recipes a week! They’ve been having a lot of fun trying different recipes and learning different cooking tricks and techniques.

Jeff has been busy baking lots and lots of scones! When he’s not busy baking, he has been playing board games with family, going out on long walks in the country, completing his LifeStretch certification, and starting his studies to become an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner!

Monica has been cutting her son’s hair, exercising with her daughter, building forts, and making fun breakfasts! She’s been enjoying this new found time to spend with her kids.

Taylor has been busy with school work. During her study breaks, she’s been going on lots of walks with her family, exploring different places, and every once in a while she would go help out at the barn where she rides!

On top of barreling through a bunch of Netflix shows and getting reacquainted with her love of reading, Tegan has spent a lot of time watching and photographing animals that visit her backyard and nearby areas. She has always had a passion for bird watching, so she decided to throw herself into it even more during quarantine – it was a rewarding experience!

During Karen’s stay at home, she has learned how to cut her husband’s and son’s hair, she has been connecting with her daughter, who is currently living alone while attending school in New Brunswick, and has taken this opportunity to update many rooms in her home with a fresh coat of paint!

Tess has been keeping busy during the quarantine period with her new puppy! His name is Rio and he is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Lots of her time has been spent training and cuddling him. He is finally loving walking on his leash, and is now up to going for 20 minute walks! Although Tess misses working, she has enjoyed this time with him!

Kevin has been going on adventures, going on bike rides, gardening, cooking, and working on getting his diploma in Orthomolecular Medicine!

Jackie has been spending a lot of time running alongside her son as they taught him how to drive a 2 wheeler! She has also been taking their dog on lots of walks, and spending lots of time colouring and attempting to do homeschooling!

Janelle has been hanging out with her kids and reading!

Nicole and her fiancé got a puppy named Cashew! They figured this was a good time to get one as they have been home to train her – they’re in love!

Brittany has been spending a ton of quality time with her daughter, watching her develop, learn, and grow! She is very grateful to be able to spend each day with her. It’s incredible how much she has grown and learned over the last 9+ months! With the weather warming up, Brittany and her family have also been playing outside with their puppies and going on walks. They are also trying to grow some fruits and vegetables in their very own vegetable garden this year!

Holly has been doing a lot of things with her son. She’s also done a lot of baking, cooking, and eating! They’ve had many family game nights and family movie nights. Currently, Holly is trying to learn how to knit!

And here’s a special hello from Al who has been growing the first mustache/beard he’s ever had in

his 92 years!!

From everyone at Clarington Physiotherapy, we hope you all are well and safe, and we are looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

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