A large group of us have been spending more time scrolling through the news on our phones and our social media posts these days. This repetitive motion can create some inflammation in your thumb joints, causing them to become sore, swollen and inflamed.

To help this pain and your “texting thumb” try these suggestions:

  1. Try switching hands while scrolling. This will give your affected thumb a rest.
  2. Or, try scrolling with another finger.
  3. You could try slowing the pace that you scroll.
  4. Also, using a different device will engage a different movement, for example using a mouse or finger pad instead of your thumb scroll.
  5. You could try a technique called thumb distraction ~ grasp your sore thumb at its base with your other hand and gently pull until your feel some relief, hold for about 30 seconds.
  6. Another idea is trying an acupressure point ~ apply firm pressure to the web between your first finger and your thumb, hold the pressure for about 30 seconds.
  7. Using ice on the inflamed joints will help reduce the inflammation and pain.
  8. Lastly, taking a break when your thumb is irritated is important to allow the inflammation to resolve.

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